Q and A

Q:How can I order the data?

Please click a picture of a material in the collection page, and click a "order the 3D data" button to enter a material information on the MMC website. You can order the data from the MMC page (A user account of the MMC website is required.). Please do not forget to fill in "Purpose of use" with details. After your order, it follows a process of a Material Transfer Agreement.

Q:What kind of purpose of use, can I get a license to use the 3D data?

We assume uses such as technical evaluations of 3D printers, 3D printing at a trade show or educational events, production of commercial educational tools and toys. Although there is a review for approval of licensing, we welcome innovative ideas of applications.

Q:We would like to use the 3D data in a classroom. Can we get the data without a license?

It requires a Material Transfer Agreement through MMC even if the use is for educational, research or non-profit purposes.

Q:What kind of data formats available?

Common 3D data formats such as STL and OBJ are available. Please inquire for particular kinds of data formats.

Q:We are a company, a school and a museum not based in Japan. Can we get a license to use the 3D data?

Depending on your purpose of use, Yes. Please order the data in English or in Japanese.

Q:How much is the licensing fee?

It depends on purpose of use (purpose, duration, region, public benefit etc.). Please contact us with details of your uses.

Q:What will revenues from the licensing fees be used for?

The revenues will be deposited into a research fund of the museum and will be utilized for museum activities such as further digitalization of museum collections, conservation and maintenance of precious museum specimens, development of educational programs, and other museum and research operations.

Q:What will revenues from the licensing fees be used for?

For an inquiry about each specimen, please access the MMC website and please click "Joint Research" button at the material data page. Please email to data[at]museum.kyushu-u.ac.jp for other inquiries.