The Kyushu University Museum's 3D Data Avairable!

A collaborative project between The Kyushu University Museum and Kyushu University Material Management Center (MMC) started to provide 3D data of museum collections for 3D replication and 3D visualization. We provide 3D data for schools, museums and companies (non-profit & commercial). We welcome innovative ideas to use the 3D data! This is a part of substantiative experiments of research on digital intellectual properties.

  • Example: 1.Subject
    This is a condor corbel mounted on the entrance of the Faculty of Engineering Main Building in the Hakozaki Campus. This building, constructed in 1930, is a representative modern architecture of the campus.

  • 2.Scanning
    Scanning the condor corbel using a 3D digitizer.

  • 3.Generation
    Integrated 3d data of the model was generated on a computer software.

  • 4.3D Printing
    We can print a physical replica from the 3D data using a 3D printer. We can choose color of the material and size of the replica.

  • 【Sample Work】
    Glueing a magnet behind the tiny condor, a museum gift of the Condor Magnet was coming up. This is just an example. You will find other ways to utilize 3D data; 3D models for education, Computer Graphics, AR application, etc.

3D Replication

Our 3D data is generated from our museum collections using a handy 3D digitizer. The 3d data can be used for computer graphics. Also recently it is becoming more common to make a physical replica from 3D data using 3D printers. The above example is a case that our museum created a museum gift from an ornament of a building of our museum using 3D data and a 3D printer. Please try your ideas to utilize our museum's 3D data for your purpose.

About The Project

About The Kyushu University Museum

The Kyushu University Museum was established in 2000 as an institute for the joint use of Kyushu University . It handles over 7.5 million specimens and materials which have been collected by Kyushu University in its over 100 years of history. The museum provides educational and research programs utilizing its academic resources for public.

About Material Management Center (MMC)

Material Management Center (MMC) was established in 2010 as an institute of Kyushu University so as to promote and manage of materials or research tools created by Japanese universities' researchers. It has three pillars in its mission; 1) to promote the utilization of the collection of materials kept at participating universities, 2) to study and establish a system to manage the transfer of material, 3) to inform researchers of the benefits of the Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) and to train staff to negotiate and complete the MTA.