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In this Site, information on the parties who access this Site (the "Users") is recorded in the form of access logs. Although the access logs contain the domain names or IP addresses of the Users, or their access dates and times, they do not contain any personally identifiable information. We use the access logs only for the purpose of the maintenance of the Site or in statistically analyzing the status of its utilization, and will not use them for any other purpose.


Every possible measure is taken to ensure the accuracy of the information that appears on this Site. However, Kyushu University does not provide any guarantee on the completeness, accuracy, safety or the like of the information. In addition, the Material Management Center of Kyushu University assumes no responsibility for any problem or damage that may arise due to any of the information.

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Matters concerning the construction and application of this Site and the Site Policy shall be governed by the laws of Japan.


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